About Us

What is CHOMP! box

 Each month you will get one super-durable dog toy and a bag of treats that any K-9 companion can really CHOMP on! We only want to give you the toughest toys that can stand up to each CHOMP from your pup. When you have a healthy dog you have a happy dog, and that is why we search for unique and healthy treats. 

How does billing/shipping work?

 We try to make the logistics behind a Chomp box subscription as simple as possible, so we bill all subscriber accounts on the 15th of the month and ship all active CHOMP! box subscriptions the first week of each month. So order by the 15th to get next months box.

 Please note: your first CHOMP! box shipment may work a little bit differently based on this schedule. This is because we finalize our subscriber list, order materials, pack boxes, etc. in the two week period between the 15th and the 1st. So if you're not on our list by 11:59pm on the 15th of the month, your subscription won't start until the following month. Make sense?